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Let’s go.

There may be many flowers in a man’s life, but there is only one rose.

"As long as we’re under the same sky…"



if u have a crush on me please stand up 


His weakness. [x]


{ D I S T A N C E }

« Don’t you know? Women have to be strong to survive. »

Anonymous asked: Sakura or Hinata?
We will defeat you together!


choose your last words, this is the last time

                                                    cause you and i, we were born to die;



Shannaro! by Hallsth-Eien



A Little Fall of Rain

I’ll write something fluffy and not depressing eventually I promise. 

After letting out a quiet breath, Sasuke looked to the sky - the deep grey still obscuring the pale blue of the early morning. The sun was barely able to peek past the edges of the heavy corners of the storm clouds and thus the wreckage of the battlefield was still cast with a morose darkness.

It was difficult to tell where to go from here. Goals were skewed and bonds were tattered but quite obviously still remaining. He was walking alone of his own accord. Too many old faces had come up to him with proclamations of trust, thanks and gratitude for his play in the War. Sasuke needed time to think, he needed time away from Naruto’s banter and talk of friendship. 

There had only been one absence which he had been regrettably, genuinely (but silently) surprised by but his thoughts refused to linger on her. In actuality, it was the only reaction to his presence that made sense to him. 

As a drop of rain fell to his cheek, the boy blinked - ever darkening thoughts made forgotten for the time being. It was raining and a storm apparently brewing. Lowering his tired eyes, Sasuke watched the ground by his feet become speckled with water. He had always been fond of rain and the cleansing qualities it had, perhaps it would help his muddled thoughts. 

Just as he began to move once more, what sounded like a sharp, staggered sigh halted him in his tracks and drew his eyes to the side. For a moment, Sasuke silently debated whether he had really heard anything or whether it was a figment of his imagination - exhaustion was already playing on both his mind and body, after all. But as another sound barely reached his ears, he found himself moving towards a towering piece of debris - ignoring a dead shinobi that laid nearby. 

As he moved closer, a muddy boot suddenly became visible from behind the slanted rock and Sasuke soon realised it was yet another shinobi. Having seen one too many deaths post-war already, he turned to leave. 

However, a slug -large, white and green- caught his attention as the bug slowly trailed over to the body, nudging at the leg. Something tugged at his mind and Sasuke found himself pushing the debris aside until it unveiled the person sitting behind. 


The name left his lips almost disbelievingly as the body suddenly became his ex-teammate. With a weak turn of her head, peridot eyes flickered upwards tiredly and Sasuke felt something heavy involuntarily start to creep into his gut - the reason for her absence at camp suddenly becoming clear.

She didnt answer except for a small quirk at the corner of her lips. The boy could only stare as her lips moved silently. The rain was beginning to pelt off the ground, silencing whatever mumbled words she might have spoken. 

"What have you done," He murmured, eyes landing critically to the hand pressed to her side. 

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Anonymous: have u read "just persuasion"? its a sasusaku fic, and it's really canon and kinda awkward but turning on anyway


hella yeah i did anon, god bless silvershine

did u read sensuality by reviee???

u should ;););) 

22 page of orgasms i assure u